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Personalized YETI Products 

The YETI products are an absolute dream when it comes to keeping your beverage of choice either hot or cold. If you would like to make one your very own, let Perfect Etch, perfectly etch it.  Please note, Perfect Etch is not an authorized dealer of Yeti and Perfect Etch is not affiliated with Yeti.  Perfect Etch's sole purpose is to make the item you purchased yours by personalizing it with your name, logo, or whatever you choose.    By engraving or altering the item, Yeti may disclaim its manufacturers warranty, questions should be directed to Perfect Etch.

“The item for sale is a genuine YETI product that has been modified after purchase by Perfect Etch. The item is not covered by any warranties offered by YETI. The seller of this product has no relationship to, or affiliation with, YETI.”

If you have questions about the process please give us a call at: 512.680.5784 or via email at

Stay cool friends.