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Public Sector

 Public Sector - K-12, State and Local Government and Higher Education - Laser Engraving / Laser Etching

With our society being filled with touch phones and touch pads, netbooks and macbooks, MP3s and MP4s, it’s easy to watch your products get lost in the chaos. Where is your individuality when comparing thousands of commodities all at once? Perfect Etch was founded in 2008 in Austin, Texas to provide laser etching services in the public sector. With material commodities flooding all industries and the public’s day-to-day life, laser etching is a great solution for setting your product apart from the rest. Etching a piece of property is an impressive technique for brand promotion, theft prevention and identification assistance if a product is ever lost or stolen.

Personal technology does not saturate any environment as much as it does the academic sector. Whether their dreams are to become an artist, an astronaut, a lawyer or a dancer, students are integrating new technology into their lives more and more every day. Laser etching provides a unique opportunity for educational institutions to offer customized identities for students to develop into whomever they choose to be.

The Perfect Etch team will work with you to fully customize your order in order to execute your exact etching needs with pricing as low as $6 per unit. We are able to etch a company name and logo, personal names , contact information and/or promotional information in order to add personality and distinctiveness to a wide range of products from laptops and phones to glassware and desk nameplates. With Perfect Etch, your etching possibilities are endless.

Now is the time to truly own your brand, your technology and your passion. Now is the time to make your mark on the world with Perfect Etch.

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