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Chill & Bubbly 12oz Navy Champagne Flute

Chill & Bubbly 12oz Navy Champagne Flute

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Keep Your Champagne Chilled and Bubbly with Brumate 12oz Champagne Flute

  • Enjoy cold, fizzy champagne till the last sip with the Brumate 12oz Champagne Flute in Navy.
  • Unique design with a drink-through, flip-top lid and BevGuard technology.
  • Doubles the capacity of a traditional champagne flute while maintaining drink temperature and carbonation up to 5 times longer.
  • Say goodbye to warm, flat champagne and hello to extended chilling and bubbling.
  • BevGuard technology ensures your beverages stay ice-cold and refreshing without any metallic aftertaste.
  • Features 5 times the bubbles and stays 20 times colder than a regular glass.
  • Generous 12oz capacity for more sips and fewer refills.
  • Dimensions: Height - 6.1", Diameter - 2 3/8", Capacity - 12oz.
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