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YETI 20 oz Tumbler - Powder Coated - Tennis Ball Yellow

$79.00 $39.99
(You save $39.01)

Product Description

Perfect Etch is able to offer colored YETI Ramblers of your choice. Perfect Etch offers different colors in order to help you get the "Perfect" color for your YETI Rambler. By powder coating your cup, you will be able to pick your YETI Rambler out of a line up without an issue.

Please note, the powder coated YETI Ramblers are custom orders and made per order, and will take about 2 weeks to process once the order has been placed.  This is a GAME changer when it comes to personalizing your YETI Rambler and being the one everyone is talking about.

Give us a call today in order to allow us the opportunity to walk through your custom order. We can be reached directly at 512-680-5784.

If you want your Powder Coated YETI Rambler personalized, we offer laser etching to make your cup standout even more.  Check out the other options also.


The ideal artwork to upload is a black and white .eps, .ai, or .pdf file. If you don't have this, please upload a file that is at least 300 dpi or 100k in size. These will produce the best results. If you upload an image that is less than 300 dpi or 100k, it will not have the required resolution for us to deliver a quality etching.

We DO NOT engrave photos. We ARE NOT able to recreate artwork from a photo.