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Combo Keychain - Apple


WHK 172
2.00 LBS
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Featuring both maple and rosewood sections, this Combo Keychain í«í_ÛÒ Apple is the perfect gift for teachers or other educators or as a keepsake or gift for some special occasion. Both sides of this item can be engraved with names, messages or even logos í«í_ÛÒ a design of your own choosing which is immortalized on this keychain through Perfect Etchí«í_Ûªs excellent laser customization service. You can also have it as a giveaway from your company to your loyal clients to inspire more solidarity in the business. Whatever the occasion, you can be sure to receive only the best when it comes to quality at Perfect Etch, for everything the company does resounds with its wholehearted dedication to a high standard of work. We have a wide range of beautiful items for you which we can customize with your own design vision for the ultimate personalized feel. Let Perfect Etch help you achieve your vision in the most excellent manner.