Orca Chaser - 27oz Tumbler

Orca Cooler - New Orca Chaser - 27 oz Stainless Steel Rambler with Neon Pink Powder Coating

Since October 1st we've seen a huge demand from customers asking for the Orca Chaser since it's release.  The Orca Chaser is a stainless steel Rambler that holds the perfect amount of liquid at 27 oz's.  

If you're tired of watered down drinks or can't get from home to work without your coffee getting cold. The ORCA Chaser can fix that.

Whether you are going to work, the ball field, a tailgate, into the woods, down the dock, or to a party, the ORCA Chaser believes in getting you there with an ice-cold (or piping hot) beverage. The ORCA Chaser's stainless steel double walled vacuum sealed body ensures that your ice will stay frozen and your drink will stay strong, while its clear lid makes it easy to see when it's time for a refill.

Let Perfect Etch provide you with a custom Orca Cooler - Chaser with your very own message, name, or logo on it. At Perfect Etch we are powder coating the Orca Chaser in several colors ranging from:  White, matte black, candy purple, neon pink, red, blue, and many more colors to choose from.  Visit our website at:  



18/8 stainless steel double vacuum sealed body. Triton® polymer clear lid.


7" height
27 fluid ounce capacity

We offer the Orca Chaser with our without laser etching.  If you would like to inquire about your own, visit us at: www.perfectetch.com

or,  directly on the Orca Chaser Product page at: https://perfectetch.com/orca-chaser-w-etching/

We look forward to hear from you and your friends.  

All the best,

The Team at Perfect Etch

Austin, Texas


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