Orca Chaser

Laser Etched Orca Chaser - 27oz

Good morning from a very wet central Texas (Austin), hurricane Patricia hit the west coast of Mexico 14 hours ago and we are feeling the effects of Patrica with nearly 4-6 inches of rain fall. 

With the Holidays quickly approaching, I would like to take a minute and share with you a new product Perfect Etch has in stock called the Orca Chaser.  You can purchase one for yourself or several hundred for customer or employee appreciation gifts. 

The Orca chaser is a 27 oz Stainless steel cup that can be laser etched by Perfect Etch, with any company logo or name.   As you see below, we laser etched an Orca Chaser for a long time customer "Patsy" who loves her cup.  THe great thing about the Orca, it was designed in Tennessee, by a US based company called Orca Coolers   www.orcacoolers.com.    Orca Coolers is a great guy with hard working employees who only want to provide you with the best products the market and deliver.  

If you would like to JUMP ahead of the Holiday rush and get your Orca Chaser, I would encourage you to reach out to Perfect Etch to see how we can make your gift the best gift anyone has ever received.  

Thank you and keep dry out there,

The Team at Perfect Etch

Austin, Texas


512.680.5784 - Direct


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