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Happy 4th of July America! from Perfect Etch

Posted by Holly Park on

Happy 4th of July from Perfect Etch.   It's hard the year is half over and we are gearing up for the holiday season!  We hope you had a great 2017 so far and we look forward to help you with any and all of your projects for the balance of the year.   If Perfect Etch, based in Austin Texas can help.  Feel free to reach out.


Your Team at Perfect Etch


We carry brands such as:  Yeti, ORCA Coolers, RTIC, S'well, Corkcicle  & Bison. 

Valentines Day - Cut Off

Everyone,We hope your 2017 is off to a GREAT start!  We had an amazing 2016 at Perfect Etch only because of our great customers.  We can't even begin to thank you enough.   With that said, we are offering a 10% discount as a small thank you for Valentines Day.  All Yeti Product is 10% off.   Take [...]

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It's That Time of the Year again - Holiday Season 2016

Hello Everyone,It's almost time for the Holiday Season of 2016 to start and your team at Perfect Etch is standing by to help when needed.  Our advice based on the past seven years is don't wait until the last minute, get your shopping orders ready to go so we can make sure your loved ones [...]

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RTIC Cooler - RTIC Stainless Steel Cups

Good morning, We have noticed a huge uplift in the demand for RTIC Cups verse Yeti due to the cost point for these items.  From our vantage point, if you choose Yeti, RTIC, ORCA or another brand we have a Perfect Etch, you won't be disappointed.    Give the team at Perfect Etch a call to learn [...]

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Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day is always tough. It comes about a month and a half after the holidays and there is so much pressure to get your special guy or gal the perfect gift. Don't wait until the last second and scramble around for flowers and a card. Get them something they will really love and put [...]

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Did You Almost Get the Perfect Gift?

Now that you've had a few weeks to reflect on all of the new stuff you got during the holidays, do you feel like something is missing? You got some great stuff, but it's still missing that personal touch. We can help make it yours. We can help make it PERFECT. THIS CUP IS SO LONELY. [...]

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Let Perfect Etch tell that "Loved" one forever how you feel.. Perfect Etch

Hello Everyone,We can feel the weather changing in Texas, from the 90+ degree norm, to a cool 45 degree morning today. Even with Thanksgiving right around the corner, the staff at Perfect Etch is already hearing Christmas songs throughout the day in the shop. Customers are snatching up all the Yeti Ramblers, ORCA [...]

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The ORCA Chaser & Yeti Rambler - Picture Contest on Facebook

If Perfect Etch has helped you with a personalized Yeti or ORCA Chaser Cup, we love to see the cups in your hands. The team at PERFECT ETCH is going to donate a Yeti or ORCA Chaser to the person who posts the best picture of their Yeti or ORCA Chaser. On 12/1 the [...]

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​The ORCA Chaser a Game Changer when it comes to Stainless Steel Cups for 2015

The ORCA Chaser a Game Changer when it comes to Stainless Steel Cups for 2015ORCA, the American-made cooler pros, have brought their expertise to a personal level with the recent launch of the ORCA Chaser, a 27-ounce stainless steel, double vacuum sealed beverage container that will keep your cold beverages perfectly chilled and your hot [...]

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The Best Christmas Gift Ever - Yeti Rambler - Testimonial from a Customer

From a Customer who received a Yeti Rambler for Christmas in 2014“I remember the first time I got the YETI Rambler. It was the twenty-sixth of December and we went over to my grandfather’s house to exchange presents and I remember my grandfather giving my brother, sister and I the same looking presents and I was thinking, “what the [...]

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