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RTIC Cooler - RTIC Stainless Steel Cups

Posted by Holly Park on

Good morning, 

We have noticed a huge uplift in the demand for RTIC Cups verse Yeti due to the cost point for these items.  From our vantage point, if you choose Yeti, RTIC, ORCA or another brand we have a Perfect Etch, you won't be disappointed.    Give the team at Perfect Etch a call to learn how you can do the following on your stainless steel cups for the holiday season:

1. Print your logo onto your items

2. Give the Gift that Gives everyday with "Worlds Greatest Dad", or " I love you, Mom", etc.. 

3. Make sure your brand is in the hands of your employees and customers by creating several cups with your company logo

4. Etc...   The list goes on. 

How can Perfect Etch help?  512.680.5784   or email us directly at: 

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