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Anodized MultiTool LED Keychain (Black, Red, Blue)


NCH 370-372
2.00 LBS
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For a cool and useful gift, give someone special this Anodized MultiTool LED Keychain, which comes in black, red, and blue, or get a customized one for your own use. This personalized item also works as a valuable keepsake from your business to your loyal clients. Make it even more distinctive by adding your own personal touch through Perfect Etchí«í_Ûªs laser etching and engraving service. You have the option of choosing to have a logo place, or perhaps a name, message or any other design. This item then becomes a useful, unique gift anyone can appreciate. Its compacted body comes with four convenient tools í«í_ÛÒ a Phillips-head screwdriver, a flat-head screwdriver, a can opener, a knife, and most attractive of all, a bright and easy-to-use mini LED flashlight. Browse through Perfect Etch for we have many more products in store for you, all having customization options for your personalized gift ideas.