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Anodized Heart Tag (Red, Blue, Green, Pink)


NUS 166-168/339
2.00 LBS
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Looking for a simple yet beautiful keepsake? Then this Anodized Heart Tag is just the right one for you, coming in red, blue, green, and pink to let you express your personality. Customize it with your own design or sweet message for an extra special, personal touch, perfect for many different occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, christenings or on Valentineí«í_Ûªs Day. Whatever the occasion, you can be sure that your recipient will not forget your gift and the thoughtful aspect of it. Perfect Etch will customize it for you through a high quality laser etching and engraving service that guarantees only the best results for you. We are ever passionate about your design vision and take great measure to help you make your customization idea come true. Let Perfect Etch know what you desire for your personalized item, and we will make it come true for you in the most excellent way possible.