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About Us

Perfect Etch is a locally-owned laser engraving company that was founded in 2008.  The company fits true to the commonly fictionalized, “Garage to Warehouse,” story.

Years later, Perfect Etch is the go-to laser engraving company for many corporations and individuals in Central Texas.  From large Fortune 500 companies, to individuals looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, no project is too large or small for the business.  Perfect Etch serves the industrial trade by providing precise and consistent metal and plastic markings of logos, serial numbers and directional text and images.  The company meets the needs of the advertising and sales niche by branding extremely assorted items for events, merchandise and gifts that make each trademark memorable to the consumer.   Laser engraving in the education division is useful for branding and serializing electronics such as laptops and tablets that are becoming more and more a part of everyday life for students and faculty.

This small business would be nowhere close to the company it is today without being a part of the thoughtful and cherished projects brought in by individuals.  Laser engraving can be a part of many special occasions for anyone including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, new births and memorials.  It is touching to see the many ideas and visions that people bring in to make a reality.

Perfect Etch continues to grow and find new and exciting ways to use laser engraving as an enhancing slice of day to day societal life.  Any project brought in is looked at with open minds, and if it isn’t something they’ve seen before, the employees are always excited to work with the customer to see if it is something that can be added to their already wide range of capabilities.

All the best,

Holly Park